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Garnet "Dagger" til Alexandros

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[31 May 2011|11:29pm]
Characters: Garnet, Zidane, Rosa
Progress: Incomplete.
Summary: Greeting Alexandria's new Princess.
Location: Troia
Date: June 5, 1805
Warnings: Mostly fluff.

It had started in the middle of the night, waking her from a sound sleep; pain so distinct, there was no mistaking what it meant. That was how it began, but the details there-after were lost on her. Dagger knew that at some time, she'd seen the sunrise out the window, but now it was edging towards evening, the sun having risen, and begun to fall yet again. It had been hours -- Hours of her screaming abuses at poor Zidane, or wordless cries as she nearly crushed his hand with her own. All grace and dignity of the Queen of Alexandria had been thrown out, and Dagger had never more wished that she could get away from her own body. Having her every bone crushed against a stone wall and her skin torn to shreds couldn't compare to the inescapable, searing agony that washed through her in waves, granting only short reprieves where she murmured apologies to Zidane, and concentrated on catching her breath.

As day had turned slowly back toward night, her strength had wavered -- She'd not had an uninterrupted night of sleep in days, and her energy was dwindling. She had screamed her throat so raw some time ago, that the most she managed now were whimpers and loud breaths. She'd cried herself into a headache before realizing that none of her outbursts were doing anything to alleviate the pain. Her once death-grip on her husband's hand had turned to something less firm, and more strained. Her fringe stuck to her sweat-dampened face, and she prayed to whatever higher power might be listening, that it would be over soon -- she didn't think she could take much more, and was quite certain she couldn't have even lasted this long without Rosa's aid. Some part of Dagger was hysterically convinced that it would never end, she would just lie there in pain, trying, trying so hard until she simply collapsed from the strain. There were words of encouragement, but they meant nothing to her, just vague, distant whispers as she gritted her teeth, clenched her eyes, pulling her chin to her chest. She released the breath she'd been holding, laying her head back against a pillow, a shoulder, she couldn't be sure anymore, as she gulped that precious air she had deprived her lungs of. It went on like that for some time, until finally, it just... stopped, a sudden weight lifted from her. Nearly delirious, her grip on Zidane's hand relaxed, and for half an instant, she was sure she'd faint.

That is, until that sound reached her ears. Not a cry, exactly, but something like a gasp, like someone who had just learned to breathe. It was enough to open her eyes. And then, a voice broke through her fog.

"It's a girl!"

More than shifting continents, vanishing cities, or holes in time, she felt as though those three, simple words, had changed her world forever.
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[ Mognet Mail ] [16 Apr 2010|11:12pm]
[ The following is delivered in physical form, by moogle, to all of the names on the guest list below. In a simply envelope, sealed with red wax and the symbol of Alexandria pressed into it. Inside, is parchment with hand-inked text, and adorned in silver-leafing designs along the top and bottom ]

Guest ListCollapse )

myspace layouts images

The honor of your presence
is requested as

Her Royal Highness
Garnet til Alexandros
Zidane Tribal

are joined in marriage
Sunday, the Sixteenth of May
Eighteen Hundred and Four

The Chapel of Alexandria
Followed by a reception at
The Royal Palace

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[ inside of each invitation is a small note ]

You are welcome to bring a guest, but please send a return letter so that proper accomidations can be made.

Thank you!

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[LOG : Semi-Open] [29 Jan 2010|11:05pm]
Characters: Red XIII/Nanaki, Garnet 'Dagger' til Alexandros. Open to Steiner and Beatrix
Progress: Ongoing
Summary: Nanaki returns the Water Mirror to Garnet. Questions and other issues are discussed... once the poor thing gets treatment for his ailments!
Location: Alexandria
Date: Mid-Late January
Warnings: None so far.
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How's My Driving? [24 Jan 2010|09:37pm]
What am I doing wrong, and what am I doing right? Is Dagger everything you think she should be? Are there improvements I could make? Please let me know, by commenting on this post. All comments are screened, and anonymous posting should be enabled.
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